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Avant Garde

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Avant Garde

Avant Garde has been played on NTS in shows including Music 4 Lovers w/ Jabu & Andy Payback, featured first on 30 May 2019. Songs played include Just One More Drink.

Avant Garde shares it's name with at least three bands… Avant Garde (1987-1989) (later Zoom) was a progressive metal band consisting of Kevin Ridel (later of Ridel High, Peel & AM Radio) on vocals, Peter Kitts, (who would later gain worldwide fame as frontman of Weezer under his birth name of Rivers Cuomo) on vocals /guitar, Justin Fisher (later of Shufflepuck and Psoma) on bass, Bryn Mutch on percussion, and Eric Ridel/Michael Stanton (Zoom)…

Just One More Drink
Jim Van Buskirk, Avant Garde
Just One More Drink
Jim Van Buskirk, Avant GardeCoquina1981