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Arthur Mafokate

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Arthur Mafokate

Arthur Mafokate has been played on NTS in shows including Noise In My Head, featured first on 17 January 2017. Songs played include Music Is My Game.


Singer, producer, performer, songwriter and television personality, Arthur Mafokate, Mr. Kwaito, or Mr Vuvuzela as he is known, is amongst the first of a group of South African musicians to term their new sound Kwaito. His ground-breaking and award winning releases, Kaffir and Oyi,Oyi, changed the face of the South African music industry with their catchy Kwaito beat and subversive lyrics. The lyrics of the 1995 EP Kaffir: "Nee baas…don't call me Kaffir", proved to be too…

Music Is My Game
Arthur (Arthur "Mix Maestro" Mafokate mix)
The CCP Record Company1999
Music Is My Game
Arthur (Arthur "Mix Maestro" Mafokate mix)The CCP Record Company1999