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Hyenas In The Desert

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Hyenas In The Desert

Hyenas In The Desert has been played on NTS in shows including Ted Draws, featured first on 4 June 2019. Songs played include Wild Dogs.

Long Island, NY based Hip Hop group. Became the first group to release material on Chuck D's imprint SLAM Jamz. Despite receiving good reviews for their debut EP "Die Laughing" (HHC 5/5, Rolling Stone 4/5) a full length LP never surfaced.

Lead rapper Kendo would go onto to work on his own material, fusing rap/rock and soul music, still on SLAM Jamz.

Members: Gary G-Wiz, Kendo

Wild Dogs
Hyenas In The Desert
Slam Jamz, Columbia1996
Wild Dogs
Hyenas In The DesertSlam Jamz, Columbia1996