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The Leopards

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The Leopards

The Leopards has been played on NTS in shows including Yesterday's News, featured first on 5 June 2019. Songs played include I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again.

Anyone within earshot of Rodney Bingenheimer´s KROQ show has been hearing "psychedelic boy" for a long time, and perhaps wondering who this mysterious band was, able to poke fun at the dedicated fashion-followers of the local paisley scene with a seemingly effortless light-hearted touch.

As a matter of fact, these LEOPARDS, have been around since at least 1978, when they released an LP and series of 45s on the MOON label, back in Kansas where they started…

I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again
The Leopards
Moon Records1978
I Wonder If I'll Ever See You Again
The LeopardsMoon Records1978