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Daudi Kabaka

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Daudi Kabaka

Daudi Kabaka has been played on NTS in shows including We Are Not Alone, featured first on 7 June 2019. Songs played include African Twist.

Daudi Kabaka (1939-2001) was an Ugandan-born Kenyan singer. The type of music he is known for is called enga, a popular style in East Africa. His best-known songs include "African Twist", "Harambee Harambee", and "Western Shilo". His song "Helule Helule" was covered by The Tremeloes in the late 60s and became a hit in the United Kingdom.

Kabaka is also well known for his Kenyan classic "Harambee Harambee," which largely reflects the aspirations of postcolonial Kenya to rebuild their nation together….

African Twist
Daudi Kabaka
African Twist
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