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Lech Janerka

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Lech Janerka

Lech Janerka has been played on NTS in shows including LIVE AT THE CLINIC W/ PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE, featured first on 10 June 2019. Songs played include Tryki Na Start.

Lech Janerka (b. May 2, 1953 in Wrocław, Poland)

A Polish composer and bassist. In the 1980s he was leader of a notable Polish post-punk / new wave band called Klaus Mitffoch from Wrocław. His current works consist of semi-avant-garde rock with utterly ironical poetic lyrics filled with witty neologisms.

Klaus Mitffoch (1985) (Klaus Mitffoch) Historia podwodna (1986) Piosenki (1989) Ur (1991) Bez prądu (1993) Bruhaha (1994) Dobranoc (1997) Fiu fiu… (2002) Plagiaty (2005)

Tryki Na Start
Lech Janerka
Tryki Na Start
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