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Dobri Isak

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Dobri Isak

Dobri Isak has been played on NTS shows including LIVE AT THE CLINIC W/ PSYCHEDELIC ENSEMBLE, with Plakati Su Ikone first played on 10 June 2019.

Niš, Serbia (1983 – 1996)

In late 1983, Predrag Cvetičanin (guitar, vocals) with Zoran Đoređvić (guitar), Branko (bass guitar), and Boban (drums) formed the band Dobri Isak. Having performed at minor local clubs, the band recorded a home made demo recording, however, the lineup dissolved during the summer of the following year. After several months Cvetičanin, with bassist Miloš Miladinović, and drummer Saša Marković "Markiz", reformed the band. In the period of 1984 and 1985, the band member also became Nenad…

Plakati Su Ikone
Dobri Isak
SKC Niš1984
Plakati Su Ikone
Dobri IsakSKC Niš1984