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Agony Bag

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Agony Bag

Agony Bag has been played on NTS in shows including La Vida es un Mus , featured first on 11 June 2019. Songs played include Rabies Is A Killer.

Agony Bag was a band formed in early 1976 when flautist and saxophonist Clive Jones, who had been in Black Widow from its beginning to its demise, approached the original Black Widow drummer Clive Box (better known as Bok) with the idea of forming a new band. Bok had played in both Pesky Gee! and the original Black Widow with Clive and both featured on the seminal Black Widow album, "Sacrifice". In fact, it was Bok who…

Rabies Is A Killer
Agony Bag
Monza Records1980
Rabies Is A Killer
Agony BagMonza Records1980