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Remmy Ongala

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Remmy Ongala

Remmy Ongala has been played on NTS shows including SNO, with Kipenda Roho first played on 29 June 2019.

Remmy Ongala (1947–2010) and his Super Matimila Orchestra are without doubt Tanzania’s most well known band, and have performed many times in Europe and the USA. Remmy Ongala is originally from Zaire/Congo. He lost his mother when he was nine years old and had to take on the responsibility of raising his siblings. As a 17-year-old he was in a youth band, Bantu Success, as a singer and drummer. This was not popular with his family, so Remmy had to leave the band. Two years later…

Kipenda Roho
Remmy Ongala, Orchestre Super Matimila
Real World Records1989
Kipenda Roho
Remmy Ongala, Orchestre Super MatimilaReal World Records1989