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John Gary Williams

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John Gary Williams

John Gary Williams has been played on NTS in shows including E. Myers, featured first on 11 June 2019. Songs played include Just Ain't No Love (Without You Here).

Before recording a 1973 solo album for Stax, John Gary Williams had been a member of the Mad Lads, who recorded singles for the label starting in the mid-'60s. The Mad Lads had a more traditional black vocal group sound than most of the other acts on Stax's roster, and had only limited success, though "Don't Have to Shop Around" was a pretty big R&B hit, stopping just shy of the Top Ten. Williams had to…

Just Ain't No Love (Without You Here)
John Gary Williams
Truth Records1975
Just Ain't No Love (Without You Here)
John Gary WilliamsTruth Records1975