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The Hook

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The Hook

The Hook has been played on NTS in shows including Acid Memories w/ Astral Vibes, featured first on 12 June 2019. Songs played include There's Magic In The Air.

Take Boston’s Eden's Children, and transplant them into the middle of the southern California “flower power” scene, and you have The Hook. Like their Bostonian brethren, they were a blistering power trio whose considerable instrumental ability was balanced by their limitations as songwriters. But whereas the former group gradually attempted more serious lyricism, the Hook remained blissfully goofy. Songs like “Everything’s Groovy” and “You Know I Do” sincerely embraced their slightness, and are…

There's Magic In The Air
The Hook
UNI Records1968
There's Magic In The Air
The HookUNI Records1968