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Jean Terrell

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Jean Terrell

Jean Terrell has been played on NTS in shows including Athens of the North, featured first on 13 June 2019. Songs played include No Limit.

Jean Terrell (born Velma Jean Terrell, November 26, 1944 in Belzoni, Mississippi) is an American R&B and jazz singer. She replaced Diana Ross as the lead singer of The Supremes in January 1970.[1]She is the sister of the former WBA heavyweight boxing champion, Ernie Terrell, who fought Muhammad Ali.[1]

Moving from Belzoni, Mississippi to Chicago for a better life at an early age, Jean Terrell was guided by her family to sing, and it was in the late 1960s that she…

No Limit
Jean Terrell
A&M Records1978
No Limit
Jean TerrellA&M Records1978