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Vanessa Da Mata

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Vanessa Da Mata

Vanessa Da Mata has been played on NTS in shows including The Meme Gold Show, featured first on 15 June 2019. Songs played include Não Me Deixe Só.

Vanessa da Mata (born Vanessa Sigiane da Mata Ferreira on February 10, 1976) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, bookwriter and model.

As her names suggests (in Portuguese "da Mata" means "from the forest") is a force of nature. This singer and composer cannot play all the instruments, but she has an overt musicality. She gathers more than 250 compositions in book notes and tapes which she always carries in her purse. Before her debut album brought her name…

Não Me Deixe Só
Vanessa Da Mata
Sony Music2003
Não Me Deixe Só
Vanessa Da MataSony Music2003