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Alex Konadu

alex konkadu

Alex Konadu

Alex Konadu has been played on NTS shows including Midland, with Fa Odo Behya Me first played on 19 June 2019.

Alex Konadu was born in 1950 at Adwumakase Kese in the Kwabere No.3 District of Ashanti. The First Band which he joined was the Akwaboah's Band, with which he remained for 3 years before leaving to become the lead vocalist of the Happy Brothers Band. After two years Kwabena went 'solo' for some time, composing and practicing until he invited Mr. A.K.Brobbey -record dealer and producer- to listen to his rehearsals and he got signed and Brobbey organised a band. With their new, very…

Fa Odo Behya Me
Alex Konadu
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Fa Odo Behya Me
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