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Denise Johnson

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Denise Johnson

Denise Johnson has been played on NTS in shows including Circle Packing w/ Occo, featured first on 20 June 2019. Songs played include Don't Fight It, Feel It.

Denise Johnson (31 August 1966 – 27 July 2020) was a singer from Manchester who provided vocals for many bands, including Electronic, New Order and Primal Scream. She joined the band A Certain Ratio (aka ACR or A.C.R., though the correct tag is A Certain Ratio) around 1990. A Certain Ratio are a post-punk/funk band from Manchester, UK. Formed in the late 1970s, they were one of the bands (along with Gang of Four and The Pop…

Don't Fight It, Feel It
Primal Scream, Denise Johnson
Creation Records1991
Don't Fight It, Feel It
Primal Scream, Denise JohnsonCreation Records1991