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maudlin of the Well

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maudlin of the Well

maudlin of the Well has been played on NTS shows including WXAXRXP - 30 Years of Warp, with Interlude 1 first played on 22 June 2019.

maudlin of the Well is an American progressive rock band from Boston, Massachusetts who formed in 1996 and disbanded in 2003, revived in 2008. Their music contained elements from many different genres including death metal, doom metal, indie rock, and new age. They released three full-length albums before disbanding: 1999's My Fruit PsychoBells… A Seed Combustible and 2001's Bath and Leaving Your Body Map. These last two albums were considered companion albums.

motW had a consistent core membership which consisted…

Interlude 1
maudlin of the Well
Dark Symphonies2001
Interlude 1
maudlin of the WellDark Symphonies2001