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Tama Waipara

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Tama Waipara

Tama Waipara has been played on NTS in shows including Altered Soul Experiment w/ Amila, featured first on 27 June 2019. Songs played include Felise (Samba Funk Experience).

Tama Waipara is “a singer’s singer,” a term that has been applied to several ground breaking and established artists in the past. Though he is a relative newcomer, 26-year old New Zealand native Tama Waipara is indeed worthy of the name.

A graduate of the prestigious Manhattan School of Music with a Master’s degree in music performance, Tama Waipara is a multi-talented singer/songwriter who plays several instruments, including clarinet and guitar. He is also actively involved in theater…

Felise (Samba Funk Experience)
Tama (Chris Brann mix)
Felise (Samba Funk Experience)
Tama (Chris Brann mix)ObliqSound2002