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Schwabinggrad Ballett

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Schwabinggrad Ballett

Schwabinggrad Ballett has been played on NTS in shows including OnoTesla, featured first on 30 June 2019. Songs played include Ice Bertolt Brecht (Ab).

The Schwabinggrad Ballett was founded in 2000 at an antiracist No Border camp. The group developed a flexible performing strategy, with which it wants to create confusion, to break up old forms, to politicize and reactivate. The Schwabinggrad Ballett (which in its name combines the memory of the nazi's worst defeat and the first innocent bohemian riots of street musicians in this land) is an open collective and understands itself as part of a network, which among other activities runs the…

Ice Bertolt Brecht (Ab)
Schwabinggrad Ballett
Ice Bertolt Brecht (Ab)
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