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Lucky People Center

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Lucky People Center

Lucky People Center has been played on NTS shows including Sanam, with In The Wilderness first played on 24 April 2019.

Lucky People Center is a Swedish artistic collective, most well known for their electronic music, which falls roughly in the Ambient house/Trance genres, and the movie Lucky People Center International.

Lucky People Center is supposed to be more of a constellation than a group, and the projects done under the name has various members. The member list is in the sleeve-notes of the album Interspecies Communication listed as David Österberg, Jean-Louis Huhta, Johan Söderberg and Skander Chand, while the movie Lucky People Center International is…

In The Wilderness
Lucky People Center
Wesleyan University Press, Terra Nova2001
In The Wilderness
Lucky People CenterWesleyan University Press, Terra Nova2001