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Camarão Orkestra

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Camarão Orkestra

Camarão Orkestra has been played on NTS in shows including Patrick Forge, featured first on 22 May 2019. Songs played include Nacao Africa.

Camarão Orkestra (which means shrimp in Brazilian) has one vocation: find a fusion between traditional brazilian rhythms and the sound of the seventies (Jazz-Funk, Afro-Beat, Groove…). Meet the most Brazilian of the French bands.

Launched in 2008, Camarão Orkestra released their first album, Camarão Orkestra. It was inspired by Nordestes Rhythms (Maractu & Ciranda). Since, they worked on a new repertoire, focusing on the rest of the Brazlian Music (Samba, Boï…).

The “orkestra” is composed by 11 musicians including one femalde lead singer, three…

Nacao Africa
Camarão Orkestra
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Nacao Africa
Camarão OrkestraFavorite Recordings2019