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Tonéx has been played on NTS in shows including Live From The 108 w/ Onra , featured first on 6 May 2019. Songs played include It's On Like That.

Tonéx, TONEX, and now TON3X (pronounced "toe-nay") was born May 16th in San Diego, California where continues to live and represent the 619.

His often chameleonic image and genre-bending musical style (which he himself has dubbed Nureau) have made him alternately revered and reviled among conservative fans of Gospel music. Nonetheless, he has carved out a niche for himself as a formidable vocalist, and prolific songwriter and record producer. After honing his producing skills with…

It's On Like That
Tonéx feat. Jaz Of UK
Rescue Records, MSS Records1997
It's On Like That
Tonéx feat. Jaz Of UKRescue Records, MSS Records1997