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Master Madan

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Master Madan

Master Madan has been played on NTS in shows including Paradise Bangkok , featured first on 23 July 2019. Songs played include Yun Na Rah Rah Kar.

Master Madan (1927-1942), a child prodigy (not to be confused with music composer Madan Mohan), died at the young age of 14 years, sang only a few songs which are everlasting and embedded in perfection. During his lifetime he recorded only 8 songs. Of these, only two Ghazals are available publicly. These are the famous,'Yun Naa Rah Rah Ke Hame Tarsaiye'* and, 'Hairat Se Tak Raha Hai'*. The other six songs are very rarely found, and of…

Yun Na Rah Rah Kar
Master Madan, Habib Wali Mohammed
Angel Records1967
Yun Na Rah Rah Kar
Master Madan, Habib Wali MohammedAngel Records1967