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Tsuyoshi Suzuki

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Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Tsuyoshi Suzuki has been played on NTS shows including Lightning Conductor w/ Lena Willikens, with Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix) first played on 24 July 2019.

Born in Tokyo and now living in London, Tsuyoshi travels the globe as a DJ, producer and musician and has an international reputation for being the hardest and most sophisticated trance DJ in the world.

He played his first drum kit at the age of 12 and formed many bands, heavily influenced by electronic music. After graduating from film and media studies at university in Tokyo, Suzuki travelled to India and Africa where he fell into the techno trance music scene.


Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix)
Koxbox (Prana, Tsuyoshi Suzuki mix)
Tribal Oscillation (Prana Remix)
Koxbox (Prana, Tsuyoshi Suzuki mix)Harthouse1995