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Trys Keturiose

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Trys Keturiose

Trys Keturiose was first played on NTS on 22 July 2019. Songs played include Dūno Dūnoja, Dūno Dūno.

The band led by Dr. Daiva Račiūnaitė-Vyčinienė, titled ‘the queen of sutartinės’, for 20 years already has been perfecting the performing of the old polyphonic songs sutartinės and reconstructing the melodies that are held in archives and published. The singers do not aim to copy the archival recordings, but seek to retain the authentic colour of the sutartinės sound. They also seek to approach contemporary arts and collaborate with composers and video artists. In the project Lino laikas (Flax Time), sutartinės are organically combined with video…

Dūno Dūnoja, Dūno Dūno
Trys Keturiose
Dūno Dūnoja, Dūno Dūno
Trys KeturioseDangus2012