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The Cause

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The Cause

The Cause has been played on NTS in shows including House Call, featured first on 28 July 2019. Songs played include Promises, Promises.

There are 3 bands named The Cause;

1) The Cause is a punk/rock/emo band from STL, MO. The band consists of four members; Derek Mabie (vocals, guitar), Jarrod Cardinal (guitar, backup vocals), Jeremy Tripp (bass, backup vocals), and Ben Majchrzak (drums).

2) The Cause is also a chill rock band from Chatham, NY. Consisting of Joey Ulmer (Drums, Vocals), Chris Meier (bass), Phelan McGreal(Guitar, Vocals).

3) The Cause were an early 90's techno band, consisting of Craig Walsh, Lindsay Edwards and Scott Braithwaite.

4)The Cause…

Promises, Promises
The Cause
Promises, Promises
The CauseASG1976