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Robert Finley

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Robert Finley

Robert Finley has been played on NTS shows including Fat Possum Records, with I Just Want To Tell You first played on 30 July 2019.

Robert Finley is an American blues and soul singer-songwriter and guitarist. After decades of performing semi-professionally followed by time away from music, Finley made a comeback in 2016. He released his debut studio album, Age Don't Mean a Thing, later in the year which was met positively by critics.

Finley was born and raised in Bernice, Louisiana. At 11 years-old, he began practicing the guitar he had purchased from a thrift store. Gospel music played a crucial role in his early…

I Just Want To Tell You
Robert Finley
Big Legal Mess Records2016
I Just Want To Tell You
Robert FinleyBig Legal Mess Records2016