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The 6ths

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The 6ths

The 6ths has been played on NTS shows including Idle Hands w/ Zane Landreth, with Falling Out Of Love (With You) first played on 31 July 2019.

The 6ths is a band featuring various artists and notable guest singers created by Stephin Merritt, also the prime mover behind The Magnetic Fields, The Gothic Archies and Future Bible Heroes.

The two albums released to date are Wasps' Nests (1995) and Hyacinths and Thistles (1999). The names of both albums, and the name of the band, are deliberate tongue-twisters. The words are chosen for their abundance of s and th sounds. Sixths packs one th and three s…

Falling Out Of Love (With You)
The 6ths
London Records1995
Falling Out Of Love (With You)
The 6thsLondon Records1995