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Thee Fourgiven

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Thee Fourgiven

Thee Fourgiven has been played on NTS shows including Skate Muzik, with Out Rage Us first played on 2 August 2019.

THEE FOURGIVEN was formed out of the ashes of the Unclaimed. I wanted to do more of my songs, which were still very 60's influenced, but had a more hi-energy, 60's MC5 tinge to it rather than a Count V influence! The band started with Ray Flores (bass/vocals) & Matt Roberts (drums,garbage can,screams), both also from the Unclaimed. This line-up played around for about a year, recorded a couple compilations tracks and did an album called IT AIN'T PRETTY DOWN HERE on Dionysus Records….

Out Rage Us
Thee Fourgiven
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Out Rage Us
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