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Plaid Retina

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Plaid Retina

Plaid Retina has been played on NTS shows including Skate Muzik, with Plastic first played on 2 August 2019.

Plaid Retina was an American punk rock band from Visalia, California, formed in 1986 and active until 1996.

The history of Plaid Retina begins in 1984, in Visalia, a small city in California Central Valley, when drummer Don Hudgens joined metal band Oblivion, a high school band established by Travis, Jeff Gilley, "Bryan T" Thompson, Alarick Garcia and Mike Matthews. The crew for that band also included Matt Morris and Jeff Beck. It was at this time Hudgens and Matt Morris met up with Kelly Casper, who…

Plaid Retina
Not On Label (Plaid Retina Self-released)1988
Plaid RetinaNot On Label (Plaid Retina Self-released)1988