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Michal Turtle

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Michal Turtle

Michal Turtle has been played on NTS in shows including Bunny Hoova, featured first on 18 August 2019. Songs played include Tany Be (Michal Turtle Remix).

In 1982, at the age of only 22, Michal Turtle set up a portable four track studio in his family's South London home, over-running his parents' front room with synthesizers, amps and instruments. He he would create layered and deeply hypnotic tracks that were often built around live jams with musicians he would invite to his home. Although the music can appear to be sample based, all instruments were played live and any voices or sound effects were recorded…

Tany Be (Michal Turtle Remix)
Alma Negra (Michal Turtle mix)
Alma Negra2019
Tany Be (Michal Turtle Remix)
Alma Negra (Michal Turtle mix)Alma Negra2019