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Jimmy "Duck" Holmes

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Jimmy "Duck" Holmes

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes has been played on NTS shows including Fat Possum Records, with Gonna Get Old Someday first played on 27 August 2019.

Jimmy "Duck" Holmes (born July 28, 1947) is an American blues musician and proprietor of the Blue Front Cafe on the Mississippi Blues Trail, the oldest surviving juke joint in Mississippi. Holmes is known as the last of the Bentonia bluesmen, as he is the last blues musician to play the Bentonia School. Like Skip James and Jack Owens and other blues musicians from Bentonia, Mississippi, Holmes learned to play the blues from Henry Stuckey, the originator of the Bentonia…

Gonna Get Old Someday
Jimmy "Duck" Holmes
Big Legal Mess Records2008
Gonna Get Old Someday
Jimmy "Duck" HolmesBig Legal Mess Records2008