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A Letter Home

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A Letter Home

A Letter Home has been played on NTS in shows including The Uline Catalog, featured first on 29 August 2019. Songs played include Who Are You?.

Times are good for the storytellers, A Letter Home has lived up to their reputation and maintained their blend of up-tempo pop-punk and folk. After supporting bands like Moke (NL), Danny Vera (NL), Ewert and The Two Dragons (Estonia), the band has had one hell of a year. With the feeling of going in the right direction, the feel-good-folkers were privileged enough to open Pedro Pico Pop Festival in 2012, as well as ripping it up at the UIT!…

Who Are You?
A Letter Home
!Blap¡ Records1975
Who Are You?
A Letter Home!Blap¡ Records1975