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DJ Hybrid

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DJ Hybrid

DJ Hybrid has been played on NTS in shows including Uniqlo Tate Lates, featured first on 29 August 2019. Songs played include No Shotta.

DJ Hybrid started out DJing in 2004 he quickly became well known for his diverse styles of sets and his monthly Podcast. It wasnt until 2008 that he started to learn how to produce music and in 2010 he started up a label called ‘Audio Addict Records’. His first release ‘Step Up’ was released on a exclusive vinyl run and was sold worldwide. After locking himself away in the studio for years in 2012 he was signed to DJ Vapour’s mighty…

No Shotta
RMS, DJ Hybrid
Deep In The Jungle Records2017
No Shotta
RMS, DJ HybridDeep In The Jungle Records2017