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The Freeze

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The Freeze

The Freeze has been played on NTS in shows including Short Circuits w/ Cryborg, featured first on 4 September 2019. Songs played include Psychodalek Nightmares.

There are two bands called The Freeze:

The Freeze from the USA is known for their dark lyrics, original punk rock melodies, and their longevity. A lot of their early lyrics deal with alienation, drug-use/abuse and paranoia (especially of the government and especially of the Reagan-Bush years). A constant theme or thread regarding apathetic observers or people willing to give up their freedoms for fear of losing their "security" is also apparent in their work. The Freeze was an…
Psychodalek Nightmares
The Freeze
A.1. Records1979
Psychodalek Nightmares
The FreezeA.1. Records1979