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In Spe

In Spe has been played on NTS shows including The Pentagon Faceslap, with Концерт Для Пишущей Машинки Ре Мажор first played on 9 May 2015.

In Spe has an interesting story. It is essentially two different, high-quality, bands. Both versions reflecting the vision of an enigmatic leader. The first incarnation was founded by Erkki-Sven Tüür, who has gone on to be be one of the top classical composers in the world. He set out to create music called chamber rock (sound familliar?). With the help of drummer Arvo Urb, guitarist Riho Sibul, keyboardist Mart Metsala, bass player Toivo Kopli, Flautist Peeter Brambat, and his wife…

Концерт Для Пишущей Машинки Ре Мажор
In Spe
Концерт Для Пишущей Машинки Ре Мажор
In SpeМелодия1985