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Clem Leek

Clem Leek was first played on NTS on 14 September 2019. Songs played include Missing Weeks (Remix By Clem Leek).

Clem Leek is a British musician, composer & sound artist. He is currently residing in the city of Chicago, USA. Clem's composition's draw from a range of genres to create a unique & contemporary style and is now a well recognised name in the 'Modern Classical' genre.

​Trained as a pianist from a young age, Clem Leek grew up around music, picking up every instrument he could lay his hands on. He often uses the beauty of natural surroundings from his childhood and personal experiences as…

Missing Weeks (Remix By Clem Leek)
Ekca Liena (Clem Leek mix)
Dead Pilot Records2011
Missing Weeks (Remix By Clem Leek)
Ekca Liena (Clem Leek mix)Dead Pilot Records2011