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Tyson has been played on NTS shows including Annabel Fraser, with Tell Me first played on 16 April 2018.

There are at least 4 artists with the name Tyson:

1) TYSON, R&B singer who released her debut single 'White / Seven' in September 2019.

Born and raised in London - via Stockholm, Spain and (briefly) New York - to a mixed musical family, singer TYSON had an unusual upbringing on the road. Her music draws from these experiences, the outcome a celestial, interplanetary R&B that is both reflective and soulful, yet futuristic.

Formerly one half of band Panes, whose glitchy and melancholic self titled 2014 EP marked a…

Tell Me
Lord Tusk feat. Tyson
Outer Time Inner Space2019
Tell Me
Lord Tusk feat. TysonOuter Time Inner Space2019