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Heinrich At Hart

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Heinrich At Hart

Heinrich At Hart was first played on NTS on 20 September 2019. Songs played include Murder Dub.

Heinrich at Hart is usually named Martin Maischein, was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1975, and released several EPs and one LP on (Position)-Chrome, a Frankfurt based subdivision of Force Inc. for (in the beginning) everything more darkish and breakish… End of the 90ies he suddenly vanished due to drug-related problems he seems to have solved now, 12 years later… He is currently based in Berlin, had his first gig in years and released some old stuff reworked on the net-label kreislauf as "Carsten Brase und die Intoleranten Hater"… (Yeah,…

Murder Dub
Heinrich At Hart
Position Chrome1998
Murder Dub
Heinrich At HartPosition Chrome1998