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Nasty Jack

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Nasty Jack

Nasty Jack has been played on NTS in shows including YGG, featured first on 15 November 2018. Songs played include U Want Some (Jack's Dub Mix).

Nasty Jack is a Grime MC/Artist and Producer from West London, a long serving member of the grime collective N.A.S.T.Y Crew. He is the cousin of fellow crew members Marcus Nasty, Mak 10, Little Nasty, and Griminal. He received a lot of praise for his second release, Shotta Music, which saw him use a new flow different from that used on his first mix cd Pimp On Flows. Hits from this project include One Spliff A Day and Burn You….

U Want Some (Jack's Dub Mix)
Nasty Jack, Too Smooth
Housetime Records1991
U Want Some (Jack's Dub Mix)
Nasty Jack, Too SmoothHousetime Records1991