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Leo Svirsky

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Leo Svirsky

Leo Svirsky has been played on NTS in shows including Bo Ningen, featured first on 1 October 2019. Songs played include River Without Banks.

Leo Svirsky (b. 1988, USA) is a Russian-American pianist and composer currently based in the Hague, Netherlands. His music explores the instability of listening and the disorientation of memory and affect while remaining grounded in history and symbol, song and story. His varied musical interests have led to performance situations as diverse as Richmond VA's Cat Mansion, the Kremlin Armoury, and the Cathedral of Nantes.

Raised in the suburbs of Washington DC, at age 9, he began piano studies with the eminent…

River Without Banks
Leo Svirsky
Unseen Worlds2019
River Without Banks
Leo SvirskyUnseen Worlds2019