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Bigg Jus

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Bigg Jus

Bigg Jus has been played on NTS shows including Subject To Change w/ Timmhotep, with Dedication To Peo '97 first played on 2 October 2019.

Bigg Jus (also known as Bigg Justoleum or Lune TNS) is a rapper from New York City, formerly a member of Company Flow along with Mr. Len and El-P. After the late-1990s breakup of Company Flow, Bigg Jus formed the (now defunct) Subverse Records and began to pursue his solo career. Graffiti is a common theme in his lyrics as he used to be a graf artist himself.

Bigg Jus moved to Atlanta, where he continued his musical career with his…

Dedication To Peo '97
Bigg Jus
Big Dada Recordings2004
Dedication To Peo '97
Bigg JusBig Dada Recordings2004