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Los Strwck

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Los Strwck

Los Strwck has been played on NTS shows including Como La Flor w/ Jazmin , with Dilo Tu first played on 1 October 2019.

Los Strwck In the 70´s, many "New Bands" were influenced by British and American Icons of the music industry that allow them to take shape with Ideas that evolved into new Sounds and Melodies. The Mexican band named "LOS STRWCK" was formed with such influences in the Cosmopolitan City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Their most famous Song-Hit entitled “Quien" (“Who”) was composed by a musician named Ricardo Enciso Gomez who is brother of Jaime Alejandro Enciso Gomez (Singer/Vocal) from another Mexican Band…

Dilo Tu
Elbert Moguel Y Los Strwck
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Dilo Tu
Elbert Moguel Y Los StrwckDiscos Lloraras0