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Pasta ZZ

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Pasta ZZ

Pasta ZZ has been played on NTS shows including Crossed Wires w/ Amanda Siegel, with F.G. & Acreppy first played on 19 July 2019.

Pasta ZZ was a Serbian new wave band from Belgrade, notable as the paricipant of the Artistička Radna Akcija project in 1981. The band was formed by guitarists Branislav Petrović Banana and Srđan Debeljković, bassist Višeslav Orinčić, drummer Dragoslav Radojković and vocalist Đorđe Lukić. The only recordings the band released were two song, "F.G. & Acreppy" (written by Petrović and Lukić) and "Drakula" (written by Petrović), released on the Artistička Radna Akcija compilation in 1981.

After the release of the compilation, the band…

F.G. & Acreppy
Pasta ZZ
F.G. & Acreppy
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