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Sky Eats Airplane

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Sky Eats Airplane

Sky Eats Airplane was first played on NTS on 2 October 2019. Songs played include She Is Just A Glitch.

The members of Sky Eats Airplane, from Fort Worth, TX, USA started their musical careers in two separate bands. Brack began playing guitar in Backseat Driver in 2003. It was a Punk/Post-Hardcore group which consistently drew a hundred people per show. Meanwhile, Lee created a band called Our First Fall with Daniel Hunter (Now Analog Rebellion), which had an indie/post-hardcore sound. By the time Backseat Driver failed due to problems with band members, Our First Fall was drawing a consistent hundred people per show. The…

She Is Just A Glitch
Sky Eats Airplane
Not On Label2006
She Is Just A Glitch
Sky Eats AirplaneNot On Label2006