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Vzyadoq Moe

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Vzyadoq Moe

Vzyadoq Moe has been played on NTS in shows including Absolute Fiction, featured first on 6 October 2019. Songs played include Guerra Das Sombras.

Vzyadoq Moe was a very peculiar band.

From the city of Sorocaba, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, the young band Vzyadoq Moe came together - the name, which has no meaning, appeared in a dream of one of the members. With sombre vocals in the style of Bauhaus and percussion from junk metal inspired by Einstuerzende Neubauten their debut album was released in 1988 by the independent label Wop Bop. Members of the band are still active today…

Guerra Das Sombras
Vzyadoq Moe
Wop Bop1988
Guerra Das Sombras
Vzyadoq MoeWop Bop1988