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Pink Mountaintops

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Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops has been played on NTS shows including Cosmic Dreamer Radio, with I (Fuck) Mountains first played on 7 October 2019.

Pink Mountaintops is Black Mountain frontman Stephen McBean’s side project. The music resembles the style of Black Mountain but has a more psychedelic and experimental side with mellow tunes and complicated lyrics. Pink Mountaintops removed the “The” from its name on its second album, Axis of Evol.

Band members are:

Stephen McBean Amber Webber CC Rose Lyndsay Sung Jonah Fortune Steve Balogh Cory Gangnes Brad MacKinnon Joshua Wells Matt Camirand Christoff Hofmeister Tolan McNeil Keegan Saunders Keith Parry Josh Stevenson Fiona Ackerman Ted Bois *…
I (Fuck) Mountains
The Pink Mountaintops
I (Fuck) Mountains
The Pink MountaintopsJagjaguwar2004