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Rocco has been played on NTS shows including A Strange Attractor w/ Fortuna Records, with Saharien Child (Lars Behrenroth Reprise) first played on 10 October 2019.

Rocco (born as Sven Gruhnwald ) is a German producer who also produces under the alias Sven-R-G.

ROCCO aka SVEN-R-G started his career as resident-dj ten years ago at the largest club in the north of germany ;the "ziegelei"located just a few miles away from the gates of hamburg. When he started his own productions his first projects were released by labels like edm and kontor but his career as producer really started off when he teamed up with partner…

Saharien Child (Lars Behrenroth Reprise)
Rocco (Lars Behrenroth mix)
Deeper Shades Recordings2011
Saharien Child (Lars Behrenroth Reprise)
Rocco (Lars Behrenroth mix)Deeper Shades Recordings2011