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Georgio Schultz

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Georgio Schultz

Georgio Schultz was first played on NTS on 11 October 2019. Songs played include I Need You.

Georgio Schultz is a dutch producer who lives in a city called Haarlem (also the home of other dutch producers like DJ Zki & Dobre, Gregor Salto, Olav Basoski) and started his career from 1993, he's an autodidact musician and is influenced by music styles like Funk, Hiphop, Jazz, Rock and others. He produces house tracks but also works as a free lance musician for commerce companies. since 1997 he started to play records in a local club and began to develop his mixing skills Vbr> His first…

I Need You
Georgio Schultz
ARS Productions1993
I Need You
Georgio SchultzARS Productions1993