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Think Tank

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Think Tank

Think Tank has been played on NTS shows including Test Pressing, with Hack One (The Internet Worm Mix) first played on 3 August 2019.

There are at least three acts named Think Tank:

The fresh collaborative between Llamabeats & Parable, collectively known as THINK TANK, is more than just Hip-Hop. In fact, they’re sound parallels the likes of Sublime and Incubus as much as it does The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest, with hints of everything in between. Comprised of Miami’s best-kept secret Llamabeats (the musical trio of producer The What’s Good?, guitarist Master Fader, and vocalist Spits) and one of South Florida’s highest…
Hack One (The Internet Worm Mix)
Think Tank
Hakatak Records, Tommy Boy1990
Hack One (The Internet Worm Mix)
Think TankHakatak Records, Tommy Boy1990