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Hesskhe Yadalanah

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Hesskhe Yadalanah

Hesskhe Yadalanah was first played on NTS on 4 August 2019. Songs played include Bless Cadaveric Bodies Experiences.

Hesskhé Yadalanah is a pseudonym of Portuguese musician & producer Miguel Santos (ex-member of urban folk band Melleril De Nembutal), who had run Johnny Blue label. Project was originated in Lisboa, Portugal in late-80s and was occupied in musique concrète and experimental underground scenes. Its sounds were treated in an extremely abstract. Hesskhé Yadalanah participated on various compilations of the time, having gained some international recognition. Miguel Santos described it himself as a logical and positive evolution of a project focused on a new musical area, addressing…

Bless Cadaveric Bodies Experiences
Hesskhé Yadalanah
Bless Cadaveric Bodies Experiences
Hesskhé YadalanahDOVe1991